Saturday, July 23, 2011

Firey Begonia

I   LOVE LOVE LOVE  this firey flower called Begonia boliviensis "Bonfire".  It is spectacular, no?  I first saw it 4 years ago in Washington DC of all places in a pot outside the Smithsonian castle.  I pined for it for a couple years not being able to find it locally.  Don't you ever pine for plants?  :-)  I finally mail ordered 2(in case one died) from Logees and have had it for 2 years.  Now it's in nurseries all over.   I have mine in 2 separate pots; one in the back yard and one on our front porch.  The one that gets brighter light is doing better. This is a tuberous Begonia and dies back completely!   It sits all winter with just a nub showing like a Cyclamen bulb.  Then it starts growing in about March and in a few months, this amazingness in my photos occurs!  It's flowers are a beautiful pomegranate or persimmon orange red.  I just can't tell you how much I adore this plant :-)

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