Saturday, July 2, 2011


Summer has come along with the heat. Ick. I hate summer as I work out in it. But in Southern California summer brings Hydrangea macrophylla into full flower. I don't know if that story of rusty nails or even aluminum sulfate added to the soil will absolutely turn them blue. I always forget to do it in late Winter or early Spring or whenever one is supposed to! But the pink and the white flowered Hydrangeas are gorgeous right now! Remember that Hydra really means water in Latin. That's why a hydrangea is usually the first thing to wilt or crisp. So, water water water!


  1. I never have any luck with these, even though I tried shade and moisture. What is the trick?
    BTW, did you take advantage of a recent groupon for Armstrong nursery? I did and I blogged about it here:

  2. Diana, I did read your blog post. It was hilarious! I didn't buy the Armstrong groupon because I was chicken. But I did get up the nerve to make my first groupon purchase when San Gabriel Nursery offered theirs a few weeks ago. But I'm saving it for autumn because smart gardeners do no plant in the heat of summer. Hydrangeas do best on an east or north side where they'll get partial sun or under a tree canopy. They need pruning in winter like roses to keep em in good shape.