Sunday, July 10, 2011

Unusual Plant

I bought this unusual plant from The Huntington Library & Gardens about 1, 1/2 yrs ago.  It was in flower when I bought it, then didn't flower for a year or so.  It just started to look this amazing.  It's Dianthera nodosa "Brasil" and super cute.  The tag said clusters of pink flowers over a long season. Perennial 1-3ft. Bright or part shade.  Mine is about 2 ft tall now. 

The first two photos are mine.  I look forward to finding a spot in my garden when my ground is ready.   The third photo I found on the web.  It gives you a better idea what the plant will look like.  

I had never seen it before or since I bought it in another nursery or garden.  Love it!   I wonder if it will grow from cuttings?  Hm...

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  1. That's what yu get from hopping in nurseries. It is cute and looks like it will grow from cuttings. Hope you can grow in several places.