Monday, March 25, 2013

Angel's Trumpet

The plant Brugmansia has a common name of Angel's Trumpet because of the shape of the flowers. And those flowers are quite large, about 8 inches long. It is native to tropical parts of South America - Venezuela, Chile and Brasil. Mine is blooming its head off now. Amazingly it recovered quickly from the shredding it endured during the hail we had about 6 weeks ago and the frost burn before that!

Brugmansias come in several colors. White is the common variety. I also have a pale pink and used to have a yellow. They like part shade to full sun and will grow up to about 6-7 feet. Mine has southern exposure(the sunniest spot) and has grown exemplary!

It is important to know that all parts of the plant are poisonous. But I've never really been one to go tasting about in the garden.

I hope you can find a spot for one in your garden. They're easy to grow!

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