Friday, March 1, 2013

Heath Myrtle

 I have had this unusual plant for about 15 years.  I bought it at a nursery out in West Los Angeles and have only seen it in another nursery once.  Until today I thought it was Thryptomene saxitilis or Heath Myrtle. Come to find today that it is actually Thryptomene saxicola.  Whatever!    It was in a whiskey barrel for many years and then a 15 gallon can when the barrel fell apart.  We moved and about a year ago I planted it in the ground of our new(2, 1/2 yrs) house!  It is spectacular right now.  You can see my perennially grimy (scrubbed with lava soap an hour before!) hand in the first photo to see how tiny the blooms are.  

It blooms off and on throughout the year but is fabulous now!  I have it planted on the East side of our house.  But when we lived at our old rented house I had it in the South side.   I think it grows to about 3 feet tall.  It is native to Australia(as most awesome plants are).

I cut this and use it as filler in bouquets all the time.  The branches are long and sweeping. So they can be used long or short in arrangements. If I ever lost this plant I would be devastated because it's hard to find.  I've tried to propagate it from cuttings but it's woody and doesn't work for me.

I LOVE THIS PLANT!   Seems like I say that a LOT!  Maybe I should call this blog - Aprille's Favorite Plants?

Happy Gardening!

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