Friday, March 15, 2013

Upside Down Rose?

I just had to share this with you all. I'm working in my own yard today (a day off making no $) and stopped to check on some rose cuttings that I made in Jan. I put many cuttings in one pot. I know others disagree but it works for me. I think I have about a 75% success rate rooting cuttings. I love it! Anyway, I pulled away one water bottle(cut off bottom makes little greenhouse) to see. There was a callous forming on the TOP of a cutting(see left on photo). I thought I was paying attention when I potted these cuttings. You see once the leaves are gone its difficult to know which way is UP! I know that thorns point downwards and thought I'd inserted them correctly. I guess NOT! Amazingly one did not die as it should have but stayed moist, put out a few leaves and started its callous which should turn into roots if it was in the soil! I can't really make space to put it back as there are 7 cuttings crowded into that pot.

The variety is an all pink version of R. Mutabilis. It's from a friend who can't remember the actual name. I even asked Tom Carruth if he knew. His research came up empty. So if you know it please let me know!

And good luck with your cuttings! Making new plants from friends is awesome!

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