Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Coral Drops

My Bessera elegans bulbs are blooming! Bessera or Coral Drops is a corm native to Mexico with drooping red and white colored blooms. It's so pretty. I've never seen the bulbs for sale in a nursery.

People confuse corms and bulbs, myself included. Research says that if you cut them in half, a corm is solid and a bulb is made up of layers. That doesn't really help us unless we cut them! So I will now refer to them all as bulbs!

Bessera bulbs are dormant in the winter and bloom in the summer, similarly to a Gladiolus which are a corm too! Ugh!

I feel very lucky to have just a few of these bulbs in a pot. I was given them by my friend Bill McHenry after admiring them in his garden. It's good to have garden friends and to share plants.

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