Wednesday, July 17, 2013

So Many Zinnias

I am really loving Zinnias this year.   It is my first year growing them from seed.  I started them in 4 inch pots in the backyard in April because I was afraid they'd get lost in the garden.   Then about 6 weeks later in May I set them out into the ground in the front yard between my roses.  My favorites are the Giant Double flowers.  The green ones didn't turn out too great. And I don't adore the Cactus Flowered ones as much.  The "Thumbelina" variety are really cute and get a ton of flowers. 

The only problem so far is with the tall ones.  Even though I staked them, they get 3 feet tall and some of the branches get too heavy and break.  But usually I see them when they're half broken and laying down. I just cut them and put the good flowers in a vase to enjoy indoors.

I really love this variety called Peppermint Stick.  I adore striped flowers of all sorts.  

So you should try some Zinnias too.  It is really too late(and too hot here) to plant them now.  Now I know which ones I prefer and will grow lots more next year!

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