Saturday, July 6, 2013

Japanese Maple Ousted!

I feel like I must apologize for removing a small tree. We took out a Japanese Maple. It came with the house.   I do adore most Japanese Maples or Acer palmatum varieties.  They come in many different leaf shapes in red and green.  I have a red one with deeply cut foliage called Acer p. "Crimson Queen" and a variegated Acer p. "Butterfly" in pots that I've had for 20 years that will go in the ground soon.  But this one was just green.  All it did was take up space and the leaves got burned every year. Last year it even put on and lost 2 sets of leaves because it dropped all the burned ones in the summer and then replaced them.  
The first photo shows a bit of the tree on the far right.  

 The second photo shows it on the far left before we removed it.

 The third photo now shows the corner of the fence where the tree was. It had a trunk on it about 5" thick and was about 7' tall. I cut most of the branches with my loppers and my little folding saw.  Then we dug out the trunk.

 Bye bye little tree.  But now I can plant more roses or something else :-)   I've often said that a true gardener will mourn a lost plant for awhile but then get excited about what they can plant in it's place!

Happy Gardening!

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