Saturday, January 18, 2014

January Bloom

I know back east they're still digging themselves out of the polar vortex. We're going through drought and a heatwave. It's been a very hot January here in SoCal with 80s and 90s, totally wrong for winter and difficult for me to work as I shed my layers and get all scratched up.  I've got my priorities.

I've still got blooms on my roses because of the weather and because I haven't pruned them yet. I'm so busy pruning everyone else's rose bushes that I'm too tired and sore to do mine when I get home nor on the weekend. I hope to get to them soon.
 My total for the season so far is 776 bushes pruned.

Blooming today in my garden is the Floribunda rose Mary Lou Heard. It's a huge old fashioned flower. You might know it as Janice Kellogg. When I bought it she was named for beloved nursery owner of Heard's Country Garden in Westminster, CA. Mary Lou died in 2002. I'm guessing they changed the name because MLH was only known in SoCal and the Kellogg name might sell better. Whatever. It'll always be Mary Lou Heard to me.

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