Monday, January 13, 2014


At one of my jobs today where she has amazing soil and grows monster roses, I saw the WORST case of rust I've ever seen!  Rust is a fungus that affects roses like powdery mildew or blackspot.  I had to look this up but rust is actually called Phragmidium   No one I know calls it that.  Rust can weaken the plant.   Rosarians spray fungicides in Spring to prevent fungus.  But many slack off in the summer and don't spray.   Then in Fall the rust really starts to show.  But by Jan we cut the plants back and remove all the leaves anyway.   I admit that I'm a terrible sprayer.   I've fought with so many devices that I only spray when I have to!   But isn't it great that we get to start over every year! 

I know that in the US South and Midwest they battle blackspot. And we in the West are known for powdery mildew.  But is rust prevalent all over?  Do tell. 

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