Monday, January 27, 2014

Pruning Choices

Pruning roses or anything really is all about making good choices. You take out cross over canes to minimize future wounds that may become pest damage. And you remove canes that are too close together. Here's a trick I learned from my rose society friends a LONG time ago. What if there are two really good new beefy canes and you don't want to choose? Maybe there's not a lot going on with the rest of the plant. You can make a wedge from your clippings. Usually I dig for something resembling a "Y" shape. You then wedge this between the two canes to push them farther apart from each other. I try to prop the wedgy piece onto a thorn to help it to stay in place.

Today I came across one at a job that I did last year. It's the brown piece shown that is the wedge. After I photographed it I removed it and the canes stayed in place away from each other.

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