Sunday, February 2, 2014

Rose Auction

If you are a rose lover, then you should belong to a local rose society.  That's where you learn more and meet like minded people.  If you belong to a local rose society and enjoy that, belonging to The American Rose Society would be beneficial too.  One of my local clubs, Pacific Rose Society had a fabulous rose auction yesterday.  They've had one every year since I joined in 1989! This one was huge and took a bit longer than expected but was fun.  I wanted to share with you the few roses I was able to buy(that didn't go for crazy prices).  All are single or semi double blooms. I have gotten more into singles lately. I love those starry stamens.  And if you can get them undamaged to a show, they need hardly any grooming :-)

Paul Ecke Jr is a wonderful single shrub rose from 2004 that I never bought before but have seen around.

Eyeconic Melon Lemonade is another Jim Sproul hulthemia cross shrub rose from 2013.  For more info on Jim's roses and process, click on the link to his blog Rose Hybridizing on the left side of my blog.

Fired Up is new for this year and I love those stripes.

And the last is an old floribunda rose from 1958 propagated from The Huntington Library & Gardens' collection.

I worked a few hours today pruning my own roses and did 41.  I've been so sore and tired when I get home from pruning jobs that I don't want to do my own.  I have about 50 left.   
Add that to my running total is 1806!

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