Saturday, February 15, 2014

Lettuce & Roses

February always goes by like a flash here in SoCal!   I got all my own roses pruned and planted some new roses. I've got 2 more coming in the mail from S & W Greenhouses hopefully this week!  Usually the weather is nice and cool, making it easy for gardening outdoors!  We had some of that nice weather last week. This week it's been back up into the 80's.  Yuck!  So many of my friends and ALL the local television news people LOVE this warm winter weather.  Not me.  I've had enough!

Anyway, here is my crop of lettuce that took several attempts at seedings because of the warm autumn we had!  Grr!!!   I've got patchy spots.  But I LOVE that dark red leaf lettuce!  It's so pretty when the sun shines through it and makes gorgeous salads!  I could seed more lettuce.  But March is coming quickly and that's the time here to start summer vegetables.  What are you growing now and what will you plant for summer?

If you've been following along you know that I've been keeping a running tally of rosebushes pruned(at jobs and my own).  
Rosebushes pruned so far: 2147! 
I still have several more jobs to do and will have a final tally at the end of the month.  Happy gardening! 

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