Tuesday, February 11, 2014

First Sweet Pea!

Here is my first Sweet Pea blooming already! Maybe because we had a hot January. Those words don't go together! We had 80's and some 90's. Because I work outdoors I'm always concerned/whining about the weather. Until today we had about a week and a half of what-it's-supposed-to-be 60's. And now we're back up to 80 this week. :-(. If it gets too warm it'll fry my Sweet Peas and ruin my Daffodils that are coming up. One plants Sweet Pea seeds in SoCal in Sept-Oct. We had a warm Autumn too and it took me 3 tries to get the seeds to germinate. I planted them in a different spot this time. They say you're supposed to alternate Peas & Tomatoes because tomatoes take nutrients from the soil and peas give it back. I don't know how. But I've planted my Sweet Peas where my tomatoes were. We'll see what happens. Sweet Peas smell so good and always remind me of my Grandmother who grew them too. I hope you planted them!

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