Tuesday, February 25, 2014

More Miniature Gardens

I don't know why I've always loved miniature things.  But I do.   A few years ago I was introduced to miniature gardens.  I think I posted about my first one here.  These are #3 and  #4.  I must have missed #2. 

Last week I noticed that one of my dwarf Ginkgo trees had a horizontal branch perfect for a little swing.  So my Rick helped me make one!  I know that tag looks out of place.  But I really don't want to forget what variety Gingko it is because I have 3 different dwarf Gingkos.  They are hard to find. I mail ordered 3 of the three about 6 years ago and they were spendy.    I added some Thyme, a Hen & Chicks, a variegated dwarf Liriope and some rocks.  We'll see how it looks when the Gingko puts on it's leaves which it should be doing soon!  

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