Sunday, March 23, 2014


Last Autumn, just a few months ago I was at a nursery buying some other plants and thought I'd try a Borage plant. All I knew was it had beautiful BLUE flowers, was an herb and was good for bees. Research says it's used as an oilseed, a tea in other countries and is a good companion plant for legumes. The leaves contain some toxins though.

So what a surprise when it first flowered last week in WHITE!!! Ugh! I am not happy and am considering yanking the plant! It's already grown taller than my artichoke plant next to it. But it's an annual so maybe I should just wait until it dies. What would you do?


  1. Take it out immediately before it goes to seed or you will have white borage forever. (I had pretty little blue ones for the longest time.)

  2. I never knew Borage came in white - all I've ever seen is the blue-flowered form. They're so easy to grow, I'd pull the white form out now and plant the blue. As Jane said, they're prolific re-seeders and, once you've got them, they return again and again.