Sunday, March 9, 2014

Chinese Ground Orchid

Blooming today in my garden is this Chinese Ground Orchid or Bletilla striata. I got it from a former client and split it into three. So I planted it in my garden in three spots. All are blooming now. Bletilla blooms in the Spring and keeps it's foliage through summer into fall. Mine didn't start to look crappy enough to cut back until about Dec. Does best under trees with filtered light. Called an orchid but more like a bulb or corm that dies back in winter. Research says it's very frost tender and must be protected. We had frost in early Dec here for 3 nights and mine had no protection. Happy almost Spring!

Rose pruning update.  I only pruned 22 climbers this week(they were huge) to add to my total.  I don't think I've pruned into March before but I had a few new clients called.  I have ONE more job on Thursday.
My total so far is 2250.

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