Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Redbud Tree

My Redbud tree started blooming this week.  I adore the little pea flowers.  Redbud or Cercis occidentalis is a deciduous California native tree that grows to about 30 feet. It is well behaved and has heart shaped leaves that come after the flowers.  

A little Latin lesson: occidentalis means western, canadensis means eastern.  There are several Cercis varieties, C. occidentalis and C. canadensis are but two.  To be honest I can't tell the difference and research didn't help.  I think mine is western.  

I got this tree about 15 years ago as a 1' seedling gift from a client in Glendora who had the biggest 
Redbud tree I'd ever seen.  First I had it in a 1 gallon pot.  It grew taller and got moved up to a 5 gallon then a 15 gallon pot. When we bought this house 3, 1/2 years ago I planted it in the ground. It is still scrawny but is now 7' tall.   It makes me happy to see it bloom.  Enjoy! 

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