Saturday, January 17, 2015

Pomegranate Tree Relocated

A month ago I decided the we needed to move our Pomegranate tree. It came with the house, bears lots of fruit, but was in a really bad spot RIGHT next to the street and fence. It scraped cars. I had to whack it a lot. And I had to pick the fruit early before the neighbor kids got them.

I waited until it dropped most of its leaves. 2 weeks ago I cut it way back from about 12' to 7' tall. Rick helped use a chainsaw to cut the thick branches low. I filled up 2 large trash cans of ours and 2 of our neighbors cans. As I attempted to dig around it I realized that it was too big a job for me. So I called my gardener friend Nelson. He said he'd help. I then dug a 5' hole in the backyard. With our sandy soil it was easy. Then I waited almost 2 weeks. Thursday when I came home exhausted from rose pruning jobs, I found the tree transplanted to the backyard! Thank you Nelson & Jose!

I've been watering it daily to try and prevent transplant shock. It's so big that it probably only has about a 50% change of survival. But it IS dormant and that's the best time to transplant. Wish me luck! I love this tree!

In its old spot I planted a dwarf Bottlebrush- Callistemon, a White Sage and a groundcover Rose Incendio. It's a happier corner now.  Have you ever moved or had a big tree moved before?  

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