Friday, March 6, 2015

Butterfly Amaryllis

This week I didn't prune any roses. Yay!  I just have one more visit with some climbing roses to do next Thursday. Then I'll have my final total! 

So, what have I been doing?  The rain that we've been getting this year has brought up a TON of weeds!  So, after I work in other people's yards, I come home and weed for a bit in my yard.  It's slow going.  And today it was SO hot, 84º that it just gave me a headache!  I know it's still winter and severe in the east.  But here, it's practically Spring!  

Here is a wonderful Amaryllis called Butterfly that is blooming for me now.  I had wanted one of these for many(like 20) years.  They were always too expensive for me.  Last year my friend John Schoustra of Greenwood Garden sold me a crammed pot of bulbs. It was still a little spendy, but I was ready.  I split it into two different pots being a little afraid to set them out in my garden. Maybe I will plant one after it's done blooming.  

Happy gardening!  

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