Monday, March 30, 2015

Pelargoniums & Rose Pruning Final!

My Martha Washington Geraniums(or Regal Pelargoniums) are beginning to bloom. This is Aztec and it does really well for me in the ground. It stays nice and bushy, blooms its head off and isn't fussy. I have some others that are really leggy and leafless at their bottoms and some that just up and die.    I love this variety.  We're planning our Los Angeles Geranium Society show & sale for this coming Mother's Day weekend, May 9 & 10, 2015 at The LA Co Arboretum in Arcadia.  Find that info at or at our Facebook page Please come see many Pelargoniums/Geraniums in the show and many for sale!  

I FINALLY finished with my rose pruning jobs!  The very last was 7 climbers at a job in Pasadena. 
That makes my final total 2376 rose bushes pruned this 2015 season!  

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