Friday, March 13, 2015

New Plants

It's not officially Spring here in SoCal but it seems like it. It actually FEELS like Summer because we're having a horrible heatwave, high 80s yesterday, 90s today and for 3 more days :-(. But plants are busting out all over and that means gardeners can't resist!

Yesterday at The Huntington I bought this pretty spring blooming Gladiolus Lemon Moon.

and a Tulbaghia that I'd never seen before called T. natalensis.

And last night at the SoCal Hort meeting my friend Nancy brought me an Oxypetalum caeruleum tweedii. It's so cute with those blue flowers.

So, I have all these plants "on deck" waiting to be planted. Maybe I can plant next week when it cools down.

I was supposed to finish rose pruning this week. But when I went to that job yesterday, they had tarps all over exactly where I was to work and were pruning the huge Eucalyptus trees. So, I hope to have final numbers in two weeks.

Happy gardening!

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