Friday, June 12, 2015

Perennial Asters

My years working in the nursery taught me about annual Asters. But we never sold perennial Asters. I learned about them from one of my clients who passed away about 7 years ago. Her name was Betty Wall and she loved to mail order plants. She would often have me divide perennials to reign them in. And she's let me take home the extras. This Aster is one of those. I don't know it's name.  But it is VERY white! 

Asters perform best in full sun. When flowering other varieties can get up to 3' although mine only grow to about 18". Research says that Asters are supposed to bloom in Autumn. Mine are blooming now.  They're sometimes called Michaelmas Daisies. The Feast Of Saint Michael is Sept 29 and is mostly celebrated in England. The Interweb also says they grow in zones 3-8. We are zones 9-10. Whatever! My garden guru friend Alice used to say that plants like to make liars out of us.

The plant spreads a bit but is easy to reduce by dividing. Mine like to grow into other plants.  Cut off spent stems after blooming. I planted mine in several places and they bloom every year. I also have a short purple one. But it's not blooming yet. That's another post.

Do you grow Asters?

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