Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Frosty Euphorbias

San Diego is a 2 1/2 hr drive from Burbank and I went last weekend for the CA State Button Show.  To tell you all about that would be a different blog.    Before leaving for home I stopped at Walter Andersen Nursery.  It's a fabulous garden center that was recommended by my friend Carl and I first went last year. Of course I couldn't come away empty handed.  One plant I bought was called Euphorbia Diamond Delight.  I have grown E. Diamond Frost for maybe 8 years(it's alway longer than I think). And it is awesome!   So I was pleasantly surprised to see this DOUBLE flowered variety!  It's SO fluffy and even AWESOMER(I know that's not a thing-but maybe now it is)!  And they had ONLY ONE!  It was a must have!

 You can see the difference in the flowers. E. Diamond Frost below has single flowers to the above E. Diamond Delight's double flowers. This plant grows well for me and has even seeded itself around.  In the sun it blooms year round.

It IS frost tender and I lost one a couple years ago.  The ones that have seeded themselves in the shade don't bloom very much. I must transplant some.  Do you grow this plant?  


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