Thursday, June 25, 2015

Euphorbia Roots

This is an update to my Euphorbia post a few weeks ago here Frosty Euphorbias.  Not often does a cut flower without leaves root in water!  Usually they just die. Even a cutting WITH flowers won't root because it's thinking of making seeds from those flowers and not roots.    This Euphorbia Diamond Delight was so cute that I cut 2 stems to try it in one of my tiny bouquets 2 weeks ago. The roses and Zinnias have since decayed have been pulled out of the vase. But I left the Euphorbias in because they still looked good, almost the same as when I cut them. I noticed yesterday that there were ROOTS on both Euphorbia stems! I couldn't believe it! 

Today I pulled them out and planted them in a 4" pot. Wish me luck. It's a fabulous plant and I'd love more in my garden and to share with friends.

Do you propagate plants?


  1. What a great surprise to you! I wish you good luck in planting them! Anne-Kristin from

    1. Thanks so much Anne-Kristin :-) Happy Gardening!

  2. Do you think an olla would be helpful in getting this to prosper in the ground?