Sunday, July 31, 2016


This is my first time growing any Amarath. I sowed the seeds back in March. Remember those pretty pink seedlings I posted?    See here:   My Seedling Post              Those cute little things are now 6' tall!  I knew they were going to grow big but not taller than me(5' 9")! So I just went back and looked at the seed packet. It says Amaranthus hypochondriacus. What a funny name. And the height listed is 5-8'! The packet also says you can cook the seeds like rice or pop like popcorn!   If I get ambitious enough and the seeds are easy to collect, I might try cooking them.  But I am not that good a cook.   I was growing them for awesome dramatic flowers!  And they are! 

Last week you could see some of the ash on the leaves from the fires in Santa Clarita over the hills from us. 

Are you growing Amaranthus?   

 Happy Gardening! 

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