Tuesday, July 5, 2016

New Backyard Arbor

The weather has been cooler here in SoCal. Thanks goodness! Supposed to be low 80ºs all week. 

  Our backyard BAKES. I have there three raised beds for vegetables plus all my potted Pelargoniums.  First I painted the inside of the fence green instead of the blinding white. That didn't seem to help. Then I planted a Silver Dollar Eucalyptus tree.  It is growing but has yet to make shade.  So I thought the more upright things I put back there, the more shade I can make, the better.  This weekend we put in another arbor for climbing plants.  I drug home after asking my friend Diana if I could have them (you can read her blog Life Well Blended) 2 long pieces of rebar that were in her garden she said were left over from house construction.  We bought 1/2" metal conduit and cut it into 4 3' pieces.  Those were pounded into the ground. After bending the rebar together(not so perfectly) Rick and I just slid the rebar legs in to the conduit and wired the top together.  No cement at all!  

I planted a Tropical Lightning rose on the left side. 

And I plated a Petrea volubilis on the other.  

Should make an interesting color combination.  I'll post again when they grow up! Thanks Diana! 

Happy Gardening! 

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