Sunday, July 3, 2016

Chelsea Flower Show Part 2

My roses are still recovering from the blowtorch weather we had almost 2 weeks ago. Funny, they've got burgundy new growth just like Spring!  Thankfully we've got 80ºs all week. I think we had to have that 110º weather to appreciate 80ºs and low 90ºs. I'll take 93º over 110º any day! But I would love 65º! 

So here we are at part 2 of our Chelsea Flower Show London pix.  Enjoy! 

The Fuchsias were gorgeous and abundantly in bloom!

More Fuchsias

Lovely Fuchsias
 The Alliums were so interesting. We can only really grow the small white weedy one here.
The Allium display was fabulous! 

Upside down Alliums 

Green Alliums
 The Sweet Peas were beautiful!
The Sweet Peas were gorgeous! 

I was SO captivated by this new variety called Lisa Marie with it's silver gray with pink/red edged flowers that I did buy a packet of seeds for  £2. 
Sweet Pea Lisa Marie

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