Sunday, January 20, 2013

75% Off!

I couldn't resist this evening at Orchard Supply Hardware. Their bulbs were 75% off! A bag of 10 Freesias that was $3.39 is now 84 cents! One should really plant Spring blooming bulbs here in SoCal in Autumn. But these bulbs are still firm and good and such a bargain! And Freesias are forgiving. Other bulbs I might not buy at this late date especially if they are squishy or shriveled. My other Freesias are up about 4". These will grow as we'll, just a bit later!

Freesias are native to South Africa as are many of the best bulbs! They grow up about 12" and are fragrant and want full sun or part shade. The only bad thing about them is that they like to flop. So it's best to plant them between other plants for some support. Go see if your local OSH still has some. I bought 10 packages but I did leave a couple in their bins.

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