Monday, January 14, 2013

Frost Damage

We do get some freezing weather in the LA area about every 3 winters or so. In 2007 we had a 17-year frost that killed lots of plants. In 1990(hence the "17 year" mention) huge mature Ficus nitida trees were lost in Monrovia. I was amazed that year. This last week has been very cold(for us) with lows in the 30's. I grow some tropical plants and have had one potted Hoya plant taking a little vacation indoors for awhile. Yesterday while perusing my garden in 50 degree afternoon weather I noticed both my Angel's Trumpets(Brugmansia) in the ground that grew so well for their first year now with frost damage. It just burned the top growth but I don't think it will kill them. The worst part is having to wait 2 months(or so) to cut them back. One doesn't cut back tropicals until threat of frost has passed as to not encourage new growth. If you do cut it back and we have another frost, it could kill the whole plant. There is another frost warning tonight. I just got out my thrift store bed sheets and put them over the plants to protect them.

Funny that in this cold weather my three Euphorbia cotinifolia that are as tall as the roof haven't lost their leaves yet. Go figure!

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