Sunday, January 6, 2013

Rain Barrels!

I have been wanting to have some rain barrels since I saw that our new house has roof gutters. I don't really love the gutters because they have to be cleaned and we can't hear the rain indoors! But they're here and we can utilize them to save us money! I saw what looked like an easy-to-make rain barrel on Pinterest.
So yesterday we took my truck to Home Depot, figured out how to make it and what we needed and bought all the parts enough for 2 barrels. The 40 gal trash can price astounded me at $37.50! Shouldn't trash cans be about $10.00? Granted these are 8 gallons larger than the common 32 gal. But almost $40 per can? Ugh!
My Rick figured out how to cut the lid so that the flexible gutter extension would fit and he cut the downspout for it. I attached the hose spigot and he attached the overflow pipe. We had a bunch of scalloped cement edging that I leveled on the ground and we set the can on top.
This one is on the side yard and the other is on the front yard which I will plant around to disguise.
Over night it rained and the one in front is about 1/4 filled! Now I need it to really pour rain! And if I could utilize the other 5 downspouts, I would!

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  1. Cheap cans that break at the seams are $10.00. You bought a nice sturdy can that will last forever. Great job.