Thursday, January 24, 2013


My Rick built for me 3 raised planters last March. I didn't have that good of luck with last summer's crop of tomatoes and pumpkins. But I did have tons of basil and my chives are still going strong.

In October I planted lettuce seeds, 5 different varieties. They are doing great and we've had several salads from them already! I also planted onions and garlic but that's another post. In SoCal we grow salad greens, cole crops and root veggies from Oct-March when it's cool. I'm not ready for the aphid fight with broccoli and hate cauliflower so I didn't grow them. All my lettuce is "Leaf Lettuce" instead of "head lettuce" because you can just pull off leaves and eat them. With head varieties, you have to wait and harvest the whole head.

And yes I have weeds. Too many rose pruning jobs this month for me to get out there and weed. I haven't even started pruning my own roses!

Did you plant lettuce? If not, there's still time! In March it all gets ripped out for a different summer crop.

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